UvaDea skin care

UvaDea is a line of beauty products which utilize the active principles contained in Sangiovese black grapesi

Half century of devotion to beauty

Silvana che rilevo la sua prima profumeria nel '59

Since 1959, when my mother opened her first perfumery, the life of my family has always been connected to the world of beauty.

Thanks to UvaDea my grandfather Luigi’s dream has become true: to create a line of beauty for products containing Sangiovese black grapes. Great expert of wines, he was the cellarman for the Bishop of Faenza and had a deep knowledge of the positive effects of vine and its fruit. Mindful of his teaching and conscious of the antioxidant power of the extracts of grapes, I decided to create this new line of creams.

la testimonial UvaDea Katty Lopez Saman

At the very beginning I have reserved my products to my closest customers and dedicated the brand to my mother. Today, thanks to many prizes and recognitions UvaDea opens out to the international market, preserving the old secret related to the  good effects of the grapevine's  fruit, handed down orally over the centuries thanks to the people of my lands.