UvaDea skin care

UvaDea is a line of beauty products which utilize the active principles contained in Sangiovese black grapesi

Active principles

le sezioni di un acino d'uva skin: peripheral zone with polyphenols (e.g., resveratrol) ;

intermediate zone: water,tartaric acid and sugar;

central zone malic, acid, sugar;
seed : with tannins, polyphenols and polyunsaturated fatty acid;


among the plant kingdom, they are the most powerful elements in the fight against  free radicals. They can protect the body from premature skin ageing and degenerative cell disease. The active principle of polyphenols is OPC (proanthocyanidins), which is ten thousand times more effective than vitamin E, fifty times more effective than vitamin C; it contributes to protect the body from damages caused by the sun, and improves the articulations flexibility.


powerful antioxidants which re-activate the cutaneous tissue, tone up the skin and preserve veins and arteries, helping the flow of blood by reinforcing the capillary vessels.


it is a molecule which can fight the aging process by increasing the skin cells life of over 100%,  more than doubling the thickness of skin and making it harder and stronger.